Writing Coaching - Staying the Course

Writing Coaching - Staying the Course


(4) 45-Minute Coaching Sessions

Writing can be a very lonely endeavor. There are moments of second-guessing, wondering if your words make sense, or if your story matters. You don’t have to do this alone. I can walk with you to help you gain momentum, confidence, and clarity. After our first writing consult we'll determine goals and set a plan of action in motion, we will continue the journey by meeting weekly for three additional subsequent coaching sessions. These sessions will help you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals, keep you on track, encourage you when you get stuck, help you realize your writing dreams.

* Additional sessions will be charged at the rate of $80/45 minutes.

Note: To get the most value out of Coaching sessions, 24 hours before the session, it is ideal for you to email me a brief write-up of project status, successes, obstacles, questions, and other topics you would like to discuss during our session. This saves time!


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What’s the coaching process?

My recommendation is at least one coaching call a month. In between calls, I will be available for up to one email a week for encouragement, accountability, minor problem-solving, and suggestions. If however, you would like more frequent coaching, that can be arranged. The total number of coaching calls you need/want depends entirely on your goals.


1st Coaching Consultation – 45 Minutes

  • Initial Consultation – Go over your questionnaire, goals, dreams by phone or FaceChat.

  • Agree on manageable Actionable Steps.

  • Determine a schedule going forward and set up appointments accordingly.

Subsequent Coaching – 45 Minutes

  • Check on your project’s current status.

  • What successes did you experience?

  • Discuss obstacles, blocks, difficulties you faced and a process for overcoming. (Were you able to stay committed to your writing? Did you face writer’s block? Have your goals shifted?)

  • Problem solve with brainstorming, ideas, suggestions to move you forward.

  • Revisit and clarify goals.

  • Set new Action Steps.