College Essay Coaching


45 Minute One on One Coaching Session

As a college-bound student, the only opportunity to express your personality, passion, pursuits, and unique characteristics is often the college essay. Whether you need to figure out your best essay topic, refine your writing, or just need an objective set of eyes on your final draft, I can help.

Through a simple step-by-step process designed to alleviate essay-related anxiety, you will learn to express yourself with excellence and make your essay clear, concise, creative, and correct. We’ll work together to:

  • Target your best essay topic(s)

  • Refine your writing

  • Perfect your final draft.

My students have been accepted to: Harvard, Yale, MIT, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Boston College, Ithaca College, Eastern University, University of Arizona, Rutgers University, University of Richmond, Marist College, Boston University, Messiah College, University of Colorado, and many more.

College Essay Coaching Package

College Essay Excellence without the Crazy Stress

(4) 45-Minute Coaching Sessions

The stakes are high and the process can cause anxiety because the college essay is often the only way you get to communicate who you are, beyond your grades, portfolio, and activities. I’ll help ease the stress as we ensure that your essay showcases your gifts, talents, perspectives, your story. We’ll start with a brainstorming session to hone in on your best essay. We’ll explore that topic through rough drafts. Then we’ll perfect that draft till it’s excellent - clear, concise, grammatically correct, and uniquely you! It’ll be fun...I promise.

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Essentials of College Essay Excellence workshop


2-Hour Workshop at Your Location

This group session takes college-bound students through the process of writing their essay from brainstorming to final edited copy. This is a hands-on workshop through which students explore and exchange ideas, write rough drafts, review mechanics of good writing, and learn key editing tips.

Additional time may be added to the workshop to provide individualized coaching time slots for students who would like specific feedback on their essays.