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Need an engaging and motivating Speaker for your women’s, couples, or parents’ retreat?

I deliver a message that inspires, encourages, and equips attendees with practical tools they can apply to their lives right away. I love to connect deeply with the hearts of each one in the audience so my talks are real and straightforward. I open up my heart and my life. I share my personal experience, the unadulterated truth of my struggles, my triumphs, and my journey throughout my life as a mom, wife, sister, friend, and daughter of the King.

My talks always point back to this: We all have stories, God is in them, they are worth sharing, and they have power to inform, reform, and transform ourselves and others.  

speaking topics:

Everybody Has HIStory – Have you ever listened to someone’s story of faith and thought, “I wish I had a story like that.” I promise, you have a God story too!

Beauty for Ashes: A Story of Redemption – In this world we will all have trials and tribulations. How do we overcome and live a joy-filled life anyway?

Marriage for Good – The 3 Cs of Staying Married – The romantic notion of marriage can be fun and exciting, but really hard to sustain through life’s ups and downs, dirty diapers, financial difficulty, and so much more! How do we stay married?

The Gift of Prayer – Prayer may seem like a nice thing to do, but it is actually the most powerful thing we can do. As Oswald Chambers says, “Prayer is the greater work.” How can we both give and receive this life-changing gift?

Connect Before You Correct with Your Kids – Do you feel like you’re always saying “no” to your kids? Always correcting and never enjoying the parent-child relationship? Children are a blessing…How can we fully experience the joy of raising them?

Connect Before You Correct with Your Spouse – Staying connected can be a real challenge amongst busy schedules, the demands of careers, and raising children. But it can be done and it’s worth it!

Joy Anyway -  What to do When Expectations and Reality Collide – Life doesn’t always turn out the way we pictured it; in fact, it usually doesn’t. How do we accept reality, get through the hard parts, and thrive with joy despite our disappointments?

- Before You Get Married – Start your marriage off on the right foot by asking key questions and sharing answers with your spouse-to-be. You may be surprised about what you don’t know about your spouse. Elise and husband Chris will share their stories, tools, and communications skills gleaned over 34 years of marriage.

 - Are You Having an Affair? How to Love the One You’re With – Do you love your spouse but wish they were funnier, thinner, more social, less messy…the list goes on. Wishing our spouses were more like so-and-so can leave us unappreciative, disappointed, and disenchanted. Let’s explore how to love them just as they are.

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