Part of my beloved family! It's hard to get a picture that includes all of us!

Part of my beloved family! It's hard to get a picture that includes all of us!

My Story

I believe that life experience is the best teacher. And I’ve learned a lot through my journey.


  • I’m the second of five children – four girls and one boy – born in the span of seven years.
  • I’m a born and raised Jersey Girl, went to Boston College, then lived in Manhattan and Hoboken on my way back to Montclair where I raised my family.
  • I’m a wife to Chris. We’ve been together 38 years and married 33. I am happy to say today we are thriving. But man, this took a lot of intentional work, a lot of hanging in there, and a die-hard commitment to staying together.
  • I’m a mom to four grown girls, ranging in age from 22 – 40.
  • I am a stepmom, though I consider all of my girls my daughters.
  • I’m a stepdaughter and stepsister and though my dad and his wife have both passed, they were two amazing people who managed to blend their families into one loving group. 
  • I lost twin girls when I was five months pregnant.
  • 15 months after I lost the twins, my firstborn had failure to thrive.
  • My husband was hit by a car while standing on the corner of our block and suffered serious traumatic brain injury - a tragedy that became a miracle.
  • I’ve lost 25 pounds and want to lose more.
  • I was a childbirth teacher for many years.
  • I used to own a small gourmet shop in Hoboken NJ.
  • I’m an Editor of a magazine, do a significant amount of freelance editing – advertising, marketing and promotional materials, digital content, books, and am usually doing some  form of writing, from blog posts to articles to books and personal reflection.
  • As well as a Life Coach, I’m a College Essay and Writing Coach.


  • God – I know, I know. I hesitated to put God here at the top of my list because I didn’t want to sound like I was saying something I should say rather than truth. But I really do love God, I don’t always put Him first, but I’d like to.
  • Me! I’m not always so kind to myself. In fact, I can be very hard on myself. But I know in order to love others well, I have to start with me.
  • My husband – He is a really good man who encourages me to Become All of Me!
  • My children – Happiness is spending time with my grown kids.
  • My grandchildren – They are precious and a little fierce too. It really is as awesome as they say.
  • My family – Sibling best friends, their hubbies, and their children. What a blessing…so much love.
  • To bake…and don’t really like to cook.
  • Coffee. It’s always decaf, but it’s still a treasured ritual.
  • A good meal, preferably one that has been prepared for me.
  • Sharing stories – yours and mine.
  • Writing as a way to process.
  • Ice cream, ice cream, don’t we all scream for ice cream? Especially Ben and Jerry’s new core ice creams, as in Boom Chocolatta???
  • The fellowship of women of all ages, all denominations, all cultures and races. We all have so much to offer one another.
  • Ministry – sharing faith stories, growing together, building community.
  • Cape Cod. This is a place I have been pretty much every year of my life, often just for Labor Day weekend!
  • Travel. Pretty much anywhere – the mountains, the beach, cities. Take me away.
  • People. They’re my favorite.
  • Laughing till it hurts and you want to stop but you can’t. Like we used to in church despite the glare of my father.
  • My mom and my dad and miss them every day. Him because he passed away…her because she has dementia.

I love you – and I’m excited to get to know you and empower you to Become All of YOU!


  • All the ups and downs of life – there really is no other way to learn and grow. I wish there was.
  • Regular exercise.
  • My children in new ways now that they are grown and don’t need me in that same “mommy” sort of way.
  • A good salad – Panera’s Fuji Apple Chicken. Yum!