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"My website would have never launched without the help of Elise as my coach. She helped me from beginning to end. Through her guidance I was able to reach my weekly goals of completing each section of my website. She held me accountable for completing my scheduled tasks. This helped keep me from being tempted to procrastinate. It was a joy to work with Elise. I look forward to working with Elise on future projects!" - Wodline Hippolyte, Mompreneur and Blogger

"Elise has been an invaluable gift in my life. I am a mother of young children who is trying to both savor and survive this season of my life. Before Elise became my life coach, I felt like I was drowning in a busy schedule and neglected goals that I felt were impossible to accomplish.  Elise's encouragement, wisdom, and humor  helped me create a plan to achieve specific goals like moving internationally, creating a more efficient "homework time," and launching a podcast show." - Noelle Rhodes, Friendship Expert and Creator of Friending Show Podcast

"Elise Daly Parker is an authentic speaker who can bring to life a beautifully written story with her unique voice, humor, wit and charm. Whenever I hear Elise speak, I feel as if I am reliving the experience right alongside her. She has a way of captivating her audience; leaving you hanging on her every word as she weaves insightful life lessons into tales of ordinary events. She willingly opens her heart to crowds of strangers by sharing intimate moments of true joy, sorrow and shame without fear of vulnerability. Her candid and unpretentious expressions have resonated in my soul, motivating me to make significant changes to my own life. I am exceptionally blessed to have met her and I continue to be blessed by her impactful speaking." - Melissa Churchill, MOPs Mentee

"Elise's coaching has helped me to both identify my strengths and areas of struggle. I enjoy working with her because Elise listens well and without judgement, she can summarize what I've said, and she points me to action steps for growth. I recommend Elise because she effectively affirms and encourages as well as challenges. Elise has walked with me as a calm, strong coach through personal and professional situations, giving me tools to succeed using concrete steps. I am grateful for the tremendous impact of her guidance!" - Mandy Mianecki 

"Elise's honest and positive outlook on  life has encouraged me more than I can say. As a mentor mom, she has shared several of her personal struggles, joys and successes with humor, sensitivity, wisdom and humility. She has lent a listening ear and given a word of encouragement when I needed it the most." - Rachael Constantine, Publicity Leader, MOPs Montclair

"Elise communicates with grace and authenticity. Her message conveys powerful stories of overcoming and trust in both times of crises and the everyday mess and joy of life. Her resume reveals a long track record of professional expertise and care, especially for the hearts of women. Elise is delightful, and I highly recommend her!" - Kim Hyland - Founder of Winsome Retreat