EP 4: When Your Yes Needs To Be a Resounding No


Show Notes:

This is episode 4 of The Mom Mentor podcast. Here we’re talking about When Your Yes Really Needs To Be a Resounding NO!

Do you find yourself saying yes to too much? If the answer is yes, you surely are not alone. But I want to save you some pain. You don’t have to say no to everything, you just want to say yes to the best things. <-Click to Tweet

On this episode:

  • We’ll unpack some of the whys behind our yesses

  • Share a little story about the consequences of when a yes should be no

  • Lay out clear steps to take so you can determine what your best yesses and nos are.


I am a yes girl. I say yes to things I need to say no to. I need to say no because I don’t have the time, or the bandwidth (which means there are just too many things weighing on my brain to do them all well). And when I was raising kids and running a busy household, saying yes to too many things caused me stress and anxiety that inevitably landed on my husband or my kids. I had too many To Dos, with way too many expectations I had put upon myself by saying yes to someone else.


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