Ep 5: Anger + Rage ... Your Dirty Little Secret.


Show Notes:

This is episode 5 of The Mom Mentor podcast. Here we’re talking about Anger and Rage - A Mama’s Dirty Little Secret.

Do you ever find yourself worn out, frustrated, disillusioned by the life you’re leading as a wife and mom? Maybe you imagined this life would be more fun and fancy-free, but it’s actually very difficult at times. Some days the mounting frustration leads to you losing your cool. You are not alone!

On this episode:

  • We’ll unpack some of the reasons why we lose our tempers.

  • I’ll share my story of how I had to come to grips with the effect of my words and my tone on my family…and what I did about it. THERE IS HOPE!

  • I’ll lay out 3 A’s - Admit, Attention, and Act - that can really help you calm down and change your behavior.


Let’s just say my life as a wife and mom was not how I pictured it. It was far messier and more challenging than the ideal I conjured up!

Marriage? Well, it wasn’t nearly as romantic as I had imagined. I thought my husband would fill all my needs for love, connection, companionship. But he didn’t, he couldn’t…

Oh and mothering? Wow! What can I tell you? I had no idea…I didn’t know kids’ needs were endless. I didn’t know how demanding running a household would be…I never imagined the time and organization it took to keep up with laundry, meals, and eventually activities. I never anticipated visiting friends and comparing myself, my messy home, my sloppy clothes to them. I was supposed to be them.

When I let my frustration build, the dam would break, the anger flowed freely, I let loose a mouthful of rage.



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