Ep 6: Do You Trash Talk Your Husband, Kids or Life?


Show Notes:

This is episode 6 of The Mom Mentor podcast. Here we’re talking about Trash Talking Your Husband, Kids, and Life.

Do you ever find yourself trash talking your husband, your kids, your life? It might feel good initially to get your frustration out, but the truth is this kind of talk leads to negative thoughts and emotions. So ultimately, instead of feeling better, we feel worse towards those very people we love.

In this episode:

  • We’ll unpack common scenarios that are ripe for trash talking and what we can do to change this.

  • I’ll share my story of how I came to see I was having conversations that led to magnifying my negative feelings. Who needs that? I’d much rather have a positive attitude. Wouldn’t you?

  • I lay out 3 steps you can take to shift your “thinkin’ stinkin’” so you can develop default thinking and speaking that focuses on the good instead of the bad.


Do you ever find yourself getting together with a bunch of moms and bad-mouthing your husband? Do you meet with friends and yip-yap about how clueless, inattentive, thoughtless…fill in the blank…your husband is?

How about your kids? Do you complain about them to your mom, your husband, your neighbor?  Or compare them to your friend’s child...and your child comes out looking worse. “Wow...Tommy just offered Ellie a bite of his cookie. Ellie would never share like that!”

Your life? Do you enter a room huffing and puffing with exclamations of how you can’t believe what’s happened now...or how unbearable your schedule is as if you’re the only one suffering?

If you have, I assure you, you are not alone…


Want to go a little deeper?

Here’s a podcast from Slices of Life called How to Use Your Words Well

Here’s a blog post on The Power of Gratitude - I find it’s the antidote to complaining.

related scripture

Here is a powerful scripture I mentioned in this podcast that’s related to thinking positively.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Phil 4:8

Podcast Host: Elise Daly Parker

Produced by: storyLOUD

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