Ep 7: Body Image


Show Notes:

This is episode 7 of The Mom Mentor podcast. We’re talking about fun stuff like Body Image!

Body image is a loaded issue for so many of us. And because of that, it’s important to discuss.

Did you know that approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting in an attempt to achieve their ideal body shape. And, unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media.

No wonder we struggle with body image. We are holding ourselves up to impossible standards that 95% of us can’t naturally achieve!!

In this episode:

  • We’ll talk about how our poor body image can impact our children in hopes that we can become aware of the power of our words to affect our children in this area.

  • I’ll share some of my story about how I struggled with my own weight and how my parents unintentionally played a part in this struggle.

  • I’ll let you know the 5 Key Things I Learned about how to help my own kids have a healthy relationship with food and good body images.


…One recent conversation was a powerful reminder of how much our words can impact our kids.

I was sharing with my 29-year-old daughter about how happy I was to be part of a program that includes a five-day workout routine, healthy eating, and some good coaching. I had lost weight and was feeling strong and healthy. I ended the conversation by saying, “But I hate my heavy legs!” I hung up the phone and those words lingered in my mind, “What? I don’t hate my legs. What a terrible thing to say. I can’t believe I said that. My legs keep me exercising and carry me around day in and day out.”

I shared this with my daughter by text. Her response was, “Oh good. Because if you hate your legs, I feel like I should hate mine!”


Want to go a little deeper?

Here’s a podcast from Slices of Life called Making Peace with Our Bodies

Here’s a blog post on some changes I made to make my dream of getting fit come true.

Coaching Challenge

How do you feel about your body? What are you saying to your kids about this?

Coaching Challenge - Choose one part of your body you tend to criticize. What is one positive thing you can say about this? Record this somewhere…and let your kids hear you celebrate instead of denigrate your body!

Podcast Host: Elise Daly Parker

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