Ep 9: When You Feel Like You Don't Have Anything to Offer


Show Notes:

This is episode 9 of The Mom Mentor podcast. We’re talking about What Happens When We Undervalue Our Own Gifts

Here are some questions to consider in this episode:

  1. Do you undervalue your gifts, because they’re yours?

  2. Do you tend to dismiss some of the traits, gifts, abilities and talents that are yours because you figure if you’ve got them, everyone’s got them?

  3. Do you take what you have to offer for granted because you’re just used to being, for example, an encourager, good listener, math whiz, fill in the blank.

  4. Do you keep your gifts to yourself because of fear?

In this episode, we’ll talk about the problems that arise when we undervalue our own gifts.


So just this year, 30+ years after beginning my career as an editor, it dawned on me. I have been dismissing my abilities, gifts, and capabilities regarding editing all these years. I always felt that being a good editor wasn’t enough, that I had to be shooting for something more lofty…like writing (picture blinking neon lights!). I brought my best always to my work. But it was as though I was constantly saying, “So what? An editor? I want to get paid to be a writer”…


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Do you know what your gifts, talents, and skills are?

Coaching Challenge - What is one of your gifts? Consider one of your favorite gifts. Do one thing this week that demonstrates that you value your gift - invest in growing the gift, own your gift by sharing it or offering to serve someone with your gift, claim your gift by filling in the blank.

One thing I really value about myself is (Fill in the Blank).

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