Ep 11: Are You Having an Affair?

This is episode 11 of The Mom Mentor podcast. We’re talking about how having an idealized version of your spouse can lead to never being satisfied with the real thing.

Have you ever experienced annoyance over every little thing your husband does?

Or have you concentrated on the things you don’t like about him?

Or wished your spouse was a little more like Jacquie’s husband…more laid back? Or more like Beth’s husband…the life of the party?


Then I heard that small inner voice very clearly … “You’re having an affair!”

“What? That’s ridiculous…I’m not having an affair.”

“Yes, you are. You are having an affair with an idealized version of your husband…It’s Chris, only better, newer, funner, more loving, neater…So the real Chris can never measure up. You’ve got your eyes on another man…and he doesn’t exist”…


Want to go a little deeper?

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Here’s a post (almost a transcript of the podcast) on When You’re Having an Affair and You Don’t Even Know It


Coaching Challenge - Are you annoyed with your husband…critical and all to aware of his shortcomings…wishing your husband was more like someone else or an idealized version of himself? Write a list of 5 things you really like about your husband. Post them somewhere so you don’t forget…and keep adding to this list!

Podcast Host: Elise Daly Parker

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