Ep 10: Connect Before You Correct


This is episode 10 of The Mom Mentor podcast. We’re talking about Connecting Before You Correct.

Do you ever feel like all you ever do is correct your kids?

Or maybe you’re caught in a pattern of doing business with your husband.

Even with family members and friends, life can get so busy juggling home life, work life, marriage, schedules…who has time for relationship?

There are four intentional steps you can take to ensure your relationships have a foundation of connection, which is one of the greatest needs of us humans.


Connect Before You Correct can apply to so many situations in our lives and improve communications with those we love. It’s simple, but not necessarily easy because we have to form new habits. Connect before you Correct takes:

  • Understanding – indicating that you are at least making an effort to grasp the other person’s struggle or even personality.

  • Empathy slowing down just a bit to try to get in the other person’s shoes—kids, spouses, parents, even the grocery clerk.

  • Reflecting and Relating – Sharing your own relatable experience.

  • Brainstorming – A cooperative approach to a solution.


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Coaching Challenge - Identify one relationship that you’d like to improve by connecting instead of correcting. Take one step forward in the relationship by intentionally working to understand that person’s perspective, struggle, or personality…especially if it’s different from yours.

Podcast Host: Elise Daly Parker

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